The world fashion DJ: RUDY B. Dj

Rudy B, the DJ of the VIPs in the world

RUDY B. Dj. the DJ of the fashion events, starts from Italy and arrives in Dubai, where he has lived for almost ten years with his family. Starting from the most famous discos of Rimini, he has become an icon of VIP parties all over the world, to get to work for some royal families. 

It is impossible to know the details of each event in which he participates, as they are strictly confidential initiatives and where absolute privacy is in force. 

Some of RUDY B. Dj's best known record productions have become real HITs.

TOP 5 UK Charts (new entries): “Prophetia - Rave is your Party
​TOP 10 - Beatport Trance Hype – “Rudy.B.Dj – Hypnosis” ​
TOP 100 - Beatport Trance –“Rudy.B.Dj – Hypnosis” ​
TOP 100 - PROMO DJ - all styles: 15 tracks in the last 2 years
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